July 2021 - AIK MOH & LEBEN Wasser signed MOU on
hydrochlous acid(HOCL) manufacturing & Marketing in Malaysia

Aik Moh and Leben Wasser will be collaborating to develop Leben Wasser's HOCL (WODE Brand) products in Malaysia.  The collaboration will involve both manufacturing using licensed Leben Wasser's proprietary technology and marketing of HOCL products in Malaysia.  This joint market development utilize the strength from Leben Wasser (expertise in HOCL) and Aik Moh (in chemicals manufacturing and distribution).   This is part of Aik Moh's ongoing effort to work closely with regional startups to do joint product and market developments.  



Leben Wasser's WODE disinfectants (Hypochlorous acid) are chemical-free and alcohol-free yet effective and fast-acting. It kills 99.9999% of bacteria in seconds and disinfects against viruses. WODE disinfectants are tested and proven to be safe for our babies and pets.  WODE disinfectant is also listed on National Environment Agency (NEA)'s interim list Products to fight Covid and regulated by HSA classification under topical antiseptic.

Click on this video to know more about WODE disinfectants.

June 2021 - AIK MOH & Singrow signed MOU on vertical farming in Batam, Indonesia

Aik Moh and Singrow will be collaborating to setup an indoor Vertical Farming for planting strawberries in Batam, Indonesia.  The partnership will enable Aik Moh to diversify into new industries and continue her application development into various crop protection and micronutrients chemicals for indoor farm.  Pilot Setup will be completed by end-July 2021 and ready to receive the first batch of seedling for the trials thereafter.  After success pilot trial, Aik Moh will scale up into commercial farming with Singrow to plant and supply strawberries back to Singapore.  More details on this expansion will be released shortly.

Singrow, an agri-tech start-up, specialises in developing indoor vertical farming technologies as well as novel crops and cultivation methods to produce temperate and exotic crops within the tropical climate of South-East Asia. Their cultivation techniques are all 100% organic, pesticide-free and rely on non-GMO crops. Presently, their core products include their patented Crystal strawberries, locally grown Japanese Komatsu spinach, Dutch cherry tomatoes, and Persian saffron. 



MAY 2021 - AIK MOH SINGAPORE & BATAM deployed Fleet Management Software

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year and its upheaval of global economies continues, Aik Moh continues our digitalisation push to bridge the “digital gap” between us and our customers.  We know that “digital” is indispensable in chemicals sales and distribution.  We will be gradually installing all our transport vehicles with fleet management software so that our customers can track every delivery in  realtime. 

We will also keep our customers notified via either email or SMS of each delivery.  The increased visibility and reach will allow Aik Moh to digitally connected to our customers.


FEB 2021 - AIK MOH SINGAPORE 3rd FACTORY OBTAINED Phase 1 TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit)

Overcoming the construction challenges faced during Covid-19, Aik Moh Singapore has managed to obtain TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) for her 3rd factory (Phase I renovation) in 60 Tuas Basin Link, Singapore.  This factory has an estimated plot area of 91,000 sq feet and it is the biggest factory to date for Aik Moh Group.  Chemical Operations have commenced on site which includes 13 x 30,000Lt tanks, 1500 Pallet Racking and 2 x 20,000Lt blending, Isotank and container loading bay on Day 1 of Start up.  This completion should add additional 1,500k Lt capacity per month to overall toll blending capacity in Singapore.  

This new Factory is equipped with fire sprinkler system, containment and detention underground tanks which meet the current fire safety code of Singapore.   

Phase II construction has also started, target to complete before end of 2021.  Aik Moh Group remains committed to invest in infrastructure and machineries to meet her growing business needs.  



Aik Moh Solvex (Malaysia) has achieved another milestone on securing ISO 9001:2015 certification. Aik Moh Group is committed to adding value to our clients by delivering product and service excellence. We are committed to:

a) consistently provide products and services that meet customers’ and applicable regulatory’s requirements, and

b) Enhancing customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.



SAP Business One - Wildix Integration

To have an unified Enterprise Resource Planning System, Aik Moh Group has adopted a common cloud based ERP software, SAP B1.  On 1st September 2020, the system is fully deployed across Aik Moh Singapore and all subsidiaries.  The cloud based software has allowed Aik Moh Group’s staff to work seamlessly from home or remotely during this CoVid-19 period. 

This migration ensures that we build a future-proof go-to-market model.  We will continue to redesign customer interaction, transform the channel mix, optimise the service model and align the sales operating model.  This ensures that we can continue to enhance our products and services experiences for our customers/partners. 


Jun 2020 – Community Initiative During Covid-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted lives and livelihoods. While many uncertainties remain, we are committed to supporting our customers and suppliers through this challenging period.  During this Phase 2 of Post Circuit Breaker of Singapore, we have taken careful and gradual steps to reopen our operations.  As a leading distributor of chemicals & service provider in Singapore, we understand the role that we can play in this difficult time.  We have also launched our own range of alcohol and water-based sanitization products (DERAS) to support the communities.  

We have also taken initiative to address the shortage and support community needs. In coordination with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Aik Moh contributed 8 tons of ethanol for the manufacture of hand sanitizers. These products are donated to the needy in Batam, Indonesia and Johor, Malaysia. Let us continue to stay strong. And together, we will get through this.




Jun 2019 - PTT Glycol appointing Aik Moh Group for Indonesia and Malaysia for polyol agencies 

GC Polyols Company Limited has appointed Aik Moh Group of companies as the distributor for its series of Polyether Polyols, Polymer Polyols, and PU systems, for Malaysia and East Indonesia (Surabaya) Polyurethanes market.

GC Polyols Company Limited is a Joint-Venture Company of PTT Global Chemical Public Limited (GC), Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd (SCI), and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), with nameplate capacity of 180KT/year. GC Polyols strive to provide High-Quality Performance products from Sanyo in Japan with the effective production cost by PTT GC Group in Thailand.

Aik Moh Group is one of a leading chemical supplier in Southeast Asia having strong market presence and operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Myanmar.


May 2019 – Aik Moh SG won the UOB LEAP Award 

Aik Moh is proud to win the Inaugural UOB Digital Leap Awards under the Business Level of large SME & Winner Of The Year, Organised By UOB & NTUC. This awards serves as a recognition of Aik Moh effort in digitizing and transforming our business.

"As we evolved, we started to face more complaints and complexity in our processes that we can't handle. And that's when management felt that digital was one of the possible solutions" by Tan Keng Hong, General Manager. 



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