Bulk Chemicals Trading

Trading and Distribution of Petro-chemicals in the Asia Pasific Region

GL Horizon Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore on 4 February 2014 for the Trading and Distribution of Petrochemicals in the Asia Pacific Region.
Primary activities include regional trading of petrochemicals & oil products in bulk & packed (FCLs/Iso-tanks/Flexi Tanks), serving the solvents, fuel blending & oil distribution Market
Concurrently, GL Horizon manages wholly owned, Ampro Myanmar Co., Ltd, incorporated in Myanmar for the distribution of Chemicals and Thinners.  Ampro Myanmar also aims to develop and capture new business opportunities in this rapidly evolving market.
Principal Focus is the development of a local Trading, Distribution and Manufacturing Company. The Company Headquarters is in Yangon Myanmar and the business is divided into 4 primary business Units.
Ampro Stocks & Distributes thinner in Drums & Tins manufactured in Singapore. The emphasis is to capture both the mass market as well as the mid-high segments. Our Focus is also on Brand Development of the “So Good” Thinner Brand
Via GL Horizon Pte Ltd, this Business Unit continues to sell Chemicals in FCLs to importers on CFR Yangon basis.
Transfer of technology & manufacturing techniques from Singapore, this Business Unit’s primary task is to do contract product blending for Multinational, Brand Name chemicals Companies.
The Development of non-core business opportunities such as construction industry material & supply of oil related products & services.
Please refer to GL Horizon & Ampro Myanmar Corporate Profile for more information for more information.